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Chased by Hati and Skoll

Tattoo Design by Ray Reasoner Jr
This tattoo design is a full color drawing of an old Norse legend of how the day and night function. Nott (Night) and Dagr (Day) are pulled through the sky in chariots driven by Mani (Moon) and Sol (Sun) while being chased by the sons of Fenrir; Hati and Skoll are the wolves which will devour them at Ragnarok. The earlier stories have Hrimfaxi (Frost Mane) and Skinfaxi (Shining Mane) as the horses.  In later versions Skinfaxi is replaced with two horses, Arvak and Alsvid. The birds above and the dragons below in knot-work are purely ornamental. This design would make for a good upper arm, rib, or thigh tattoo.