Terms of Service

By making a purchase of any artwork through Tattoodesigns.store, LLC you agree to the following:

1. You agree that the artwork is the sole property of the artist that created it or the holder of the copyright for said works.

2. You agree that you are licensing the right to use the design, or designs, with the sole intent of receiving, giving, or gifting a tattoo. You have no rights to the design, or designs, beyond that express purpose.

3. You agree to not hold Tattoodesigns.store, LLC, or any of it's associates, liable for any dissatisfaction or discomfort that derives from your decision to purchase product or receive a tattoo.

4. You agree that, though Tattoodesigns.store, LLC does it's best to make the information within the site accurate, it is ultimately your responsibility to verfiy any meanings, spellings, layouts, or the symbolism of any design.

5. You agree that, due to the nature of the product, that there is a no return policy.

6. You agree that any dispute of this agreement will be handled in a Michigan, USA court system and governed by it's laws, as well as those of the USA.

7. You agree that the dissolution of any of the parts of this agreement do not void the other parts within the agreement.

8. You agree that by finalizing your purchase that this agreement is in full effect and completely understood by you.

(Side note: All of this legal madness aside, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience with Tattoodesigns.store, LLC and we have pretty much only made this agreement to protect ourselves from idiots)