Heart Tattoo Designs

The heart represents our feelings in many different ways. It is most often associated with love but love comes in many forms. Depending on it's usage it can also represent the full spectrum of human emotions.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 13 3rd Eye 4way abstract ace anatomical anchors angels ankh antlers Anubis apples arrows Asian astrological atoms awareness ribbons bandages bands barbwire baseball baseball bats bass clef bees beveled biker bio-organic bipolar birds black and grey black and red blisters blood bolts bones brass knuckles breast cancer breasts broken bucks bullet bullet-hole butterfly buttocks cancer-disease cards cartoons Catholic Celtic chains chaos cherry blossoms cherubim Christian chrome Claddagh clouds clover clowns clubs color compasses crayons crescent crossbones crosses crowns crying cubism Cupid cursive cute dad daggers deer demons devils diamonds doctors dollars dolphins Doug Sheffer doves drugs duality dynamite earrings Egyptian Eire emt evil Eye of Horus eyeballs eyes face feathers females feminism fetus filigree fishing flags flames flowers flying forks friendship funny garlic gays gems glass goddesses gods gold gore-bio grills halos hands heartbeats hearts honesty hooks horns I <3 Me ice inlay inspirational instruments Irish Italian kanji keyboards keys knife knitting lace large leopard print lesbians LGBTQ Libra light light-bulb lily lingerie live laugh love LNCL locks loser Ma'at marriage masks mechanics medium Medusa memorial Military mom money moons music name-banner nautical navel Navy needles neo-traditional newschool notes nuclear blasts nurses ocean organs oval ovaries patches pathway paw-prints peace pearls pentagram pianos piercing platform praying hands prison puppets queens racing rainbows Ray Reasoner Jr ribbons RIP roses sacred Sagittarius scales scissors screaming self love semi-trucks semicolon sewing sinkers skeletons skulls small smiley smoke snakes sorceresses spades spark plugs sparrows spiders spiderwebs splint sports star Star of Life stargazer stars stitches stone succubus suicide suits sunflowers sunrise sunset swallows swords tally marks tattoo machines tattooing teardrops theater thorns tongues tools toys traditional treble clef trees tribal triquetra truth turkeys underboob urban USA uterus vampires vegan vines Vshaped water watercolor waves weapons white knot wings wooden words wrath wrenches xl xsmall
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