Tribal Tattoo Designs

There are honestly many, many types of tribal tattoos from many, many tribes. We are going to focus on tribal involving bold forms, typically black in color, but modernly some are done in other colors as well. The vast majority of tribal in circulation these days is simply shape-work, or the creation of designs and flows from bold shapes. It's not until you focus on the true tribal traditions of many cultures from around the planet that you see actual tribal tattoos.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 13 666 air aliens anarchy ancestors angels ankh antlers Aquarius Aries arrows Asian astrological bands barbwire barking bats bears beveled biker bio-geometric bio-organic bio-tribal biomechanical birds black black and grey black and red blades blood blue boats bodybuilding bolts bones braids brick wall bucks buds butterfly buttocks Canadian Cancer Capricorn cards catfish cats caveman Celtic centipedes chambers cherry blossoms Christian clover cobras coconut color community cooperation couples crabs crossbones crosses crowns crystals cute daisies dancing deer demons devils Doberman dogfish dogs dolphins Doug Sheffer dragonflies dragons drugs duality eagles earth eels Egyptian electricity elemental evil Eye of Horus Eye of Ra eyeballs eyes face fantasy females feminine fertility filigree fire fish flags flames flowers football frogs fruit g vs e gays gears Gemini gems geometric goals gold gore-bio gorillas green growling Haida hammerhead hawks hearts Hibiscus hooks howling hummingbirds infinity inlay instruments Irish islands Italian Japanese jesters Jesus knotted knotwork koru lambda large leaves Leo lesbians letters LGBTQ Libra lightning lily lizards male man mango manta ray manu Maori maple Marquesan Cross masks medium memorial mesa mice moons mountains mouse mushrooms music mythology NativeAmerican nets newschool ocean orca otters oval owls pandanus paw-prints peace pentagram phoenix piercing pinstripe Pisces pitbulls pods Polynesian praying hands protection punk purple racing rainbows rattlesnakes ravens Ray Reasoner Jr red Rising Sun roller-skates roots roses Sagittarius salmon Samurai satanism scallops scissors Scorpio scorpions sea lions seagulls seahorses seals seashells shark teeth sharks Shepherd shield-knot shrunken head silhouette skeletons skulls Slant sleeve small smoke snakes spades spears spiders spiderwebs spinal chords spinal columns spiral sports spotted star stargazer stars steam stick people stingrays stitches stone succubus suicide sunrise Suns swans swirls swords symbols Taoism tattoo Taurus teardrops Tern thorns Thunderbird Ti tiki tongues translucent treble clef tribal triquetra tubes turquoise turtles urban USA vampires vines violets Virgo Vshaped warriors water water lillies waves wealth weights whales wings wolf wolves women words wyrm xl xsmall yin-yang
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