Profession Tattoo Designs

Most of us have to sing for our supper and some of us are proud enough of what we do that we get it tattooed onto our skin. This category is for those people.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 13 4way 666 ace acronym Air-Force anchors angels AR-15 archangels architecture Army art astrological atoms axes baby badges bands barbwire baton belt beveled biker binary code bio-geometric bio-organic black and grey blood bombs bread brotherhood bubbles bulldog bullet bullet-hole bullet-proof butterfly Caduceus cards carpenter cartoons Catholic chains chaos Chef Christian chrome cigars clouds clowns clubs color construction cross-hairs crossbones crosses cursive cyclops daggers Dalmatians demons diamonds doctors dog tags dogs dolphins doves drugs DTOM duality duckie ducks eagles earrings earth EGA Egyptian emt engines evil face filigree Firefighter firetruck flags flames flasks flowers food funny gears goddesses gods Greek grenades grills guns hammerhead hammers handcuffs headstones heartbeats hearts helmet hooks hoses hydrants infinity inlay jets Jewish K-9 Kabar knife ladders large latin laurels Legionary LNCL magic male Maltese Cross Marine Corps masks math mechanics medium memorial Military missiles mythology nails name-banner Navy necklaces neo-traditional newschool nuclear nurses nuts objects oval pasta paw-prints pi pilots pin-up pistons planets plumber Police Poppy POW-MIA professions rattlesnakes Ray Reasoner Jr razor blades razorwire ribbons RIP Rod of Asclepius Roman roses rubber sacred Science screwdrivers screws scrolls semper fidelis Seshat sharks Shepherd Sheriffs shields silhouette skeletons skulls small smoke snakes soldiers space spades spark plugs Spartan spears Staff of Hermes Star of Life stars stone strength and honor submariners Suns swords symbols tally tanks tape-measures target tattoo technology theater toilet paper tomatoes tools toothbrush tornskin traditional urine USA USAF vultures warriors water waves western wings woman words wrenches writing xl
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