About TattooDesigns.store

TattooDesigns.store was founded in 2019 some time after discovering that most design companies are charging artists between seventy five and ninety percent to sell their artwork. The construct made little sense to us since the product is the art and without the artists, there is none. Our artists sell through us at a straight fifty-fifty commission, since there is site maintenance and overhead that we are responsible for we feel that this is fair. As the artists put hundreds of hours into their work, we put many hours into this site. This is our symbiotic relationship with the artists.

As we grow we strive to move ahead with the products that we offer and the mediums that we offer them in. For now though we are satisfied with offering pre-made, as well as custom, tattoo designs at a reasonable price with line drawings to simplify the layout process.

We appreciate all of our customers, artists, as well as affiliates, and hope to be here for years to come. Thank You All.


Ray Reasoner Jr.