Oval Shaped

Elliptical tattoos are best for the bicep, inner arm, but especially ribs and thighs.

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View all 13 2XL 3rd Eye 7 Air-Force aliens Ammut Amon anatomical Anemone angels ankh Anubis archangels architecture armor Asian axes baby Baby's Breath bamboo bar-code barbwire barrels basketball basketball players beads bears beetles beveled bio-geometric bio-organic bio-tribal biomechanical black and green black and grey black and red Blackbeard blades blood blue boats bombs bondage bones breasts butterfly buttocks cannons canopic jars castles cauldrons Celtic Cerberus chambers cherry blossoms children Christian chrome chrysanthemums circuits city Claddagh claws clouds cobras color columns corals corpse couples crabs crone crossbones crosses crowns crying crystals cultures dad daggers Day of the Dead demons devils Dia de Los Muertos dogs dollars doves dragonflies dragons dream catcher dresses duality eagles earrings earth Egyptian electricity elemental elephants engines equine evil executioner Eye of Horus Eye of Ra eyes face fairy fans fantasy feathers females ferns fetus fighting filigree fire Firefighter fish flags flames flowers frogs fronds gargoyles gears Geisha gems generator Gladiolus glass goals goddesses gods gold gore-bio grasses graveyard grim reapers halos hats hearts helmet hieroglyphics Homeward Bound hooks horse Horus hourglasses ice icelandic incubator Irish Japanese jets jolly roger kings knotwork koi Korean kraken Lady Luck lakes large leaves Leprechaun lesbians light lightning Lilac lily lingerie LNCL lotus lunar cycle maiden male Maltese Cross maps Marquesan Cross masks medicine shields medium mermaids Mexican Military money moons mother mountains Mt Fuji mummy muscles mythology name-banner NativeAmerican nautical nebulae necklaces norse norwegian nude numerals oak objects ocean oval owls pandanus paw-prints pegasus pentacle peony Pharaohs phoenix pin-up pirates pistols pitchfork planets plants plates playing Plumeria pods poisons Polynesian ponds Poppy Poseidon praying praying hands Princess purple pyramids queens Ra radioactive rainbows Ray Reasoner Jr reactor red reflections ribbons ribs Rising Sun robots roots rosary roses satellites scales Scarab scythe seashells Seth sexy sharks ships shipwreck silhouette skeletons skulls slamdunk sleeve smoke snails snakes sorceresses souls space spaceships sphinx spikes spinal chords spinal columns spiral spiritual squid stairs star stars steam stone succubus suits sunrise Suns swallows swirls swords tablets tadpoles tattoo teardrops televisions theater thigh high boots thorns Ti tigers tornskin toxic waste traditional treasure Tree of Life trees tribal tridents Triple Goddess trumpet tubes urban USA USAF vaginas vents viking vines vomiting warriors water water lillies waves wealth Wiccan wind wings wolf woman women wooden words xl yin-yang zombies
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