Triple Horn Tattoo Designs

The Triple Horn is said to represent the story of Odin obtaining the poetic mead through various exploits that led to him "spending three nights" with a female giant named Gunnlod in exchange for sips of mead each night. Each sip was, in fact, an entire drinking horns worth of the "Mead of Suttungr".  Suttungr was a giant and the owner of the mead made of the blood of Kvasir which had been mixed with honey by two sneaky dwarves named Fjalar and Galar. Though there were three implements used to create the mead (Boon, Son, and Odrerir) by the dwarves it seems that the three drinking horns are really represented in this symbol. Though Odin gave the majority of the mead to the other Aesir (gods from our perspective), he accidentally shared (defecated) a lesser form of it with mankind as well. This is known, by some accounts, as the bad poets share.