Witch Tattoo Designs

The idea that some people can actually conjure the energy of nature into usable power is an old one. The idea of women being magical is actually much older than the idea of wizards since they are able to seemingly create life from nothing. We obviously now know about reproduction, but this was one of the initial thought patterns.

While the men were hunting the women would usually be gathering plant life for consumption and, eventually, for medicines. The act of healing using plants also added to this idea of mysticism that led to "witches". Witches and sorceresses have long been thought to wield the energy from one aspect of nature or another.

Over time as most cultures switched to a patriarchal system the idea of a powerful woman became blasphemy. And thus witches became wicked and evil. Though there are male counterparts, witch is a term almost always used to describe a female magic user.

In modern times there is the Wiccan religion, we are not including that in this section as it has it's own under the category under "Spiritual". Click here to visit it instead or please view our current collection of drawings below.