Cosmos Tattoo Designs

Everything in our universe makes up the cosmos. Asteroids, meteors, moons, nebulae, outer space, planets, stars, and our own star; the Sun compile up this category. The celestial bodies in the nights sky, most are invisible to the naked eye.

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View all 13 abstract African Aker All Seeing Eye Amon Amun-Min anchors angels ankh Anubis Apep Aquarius Arabic archangels Aries arrows Asian asteroids astronauts Aten atoms axes Aztec badges ball-peen bands barbwire basketball Bastet baton bats beach beads beetles beveled bio-geometric bio-organic bio-tribal birds black and green black and grey black and red blood blow-dryers boats bodybuilding brass knuckles breasts bucks bull skull bullet butterfly Cancer Capricorn carpe diem cartoons castles Catholic Celtic chains chaos cherry cherry blossoms children Christian Christopher chrome circles claws clouds cobras color columns community compasses coolers couples crescent crosses crows crying cute dad daggers deer demons devils does dogs dolphins doves dragons dream catcher drugs dumbbells eagles earth eclipse eggs Egyptian evil Eye of Horus Eye of Ra eyes face fairy fans feathers females feminine fertility filigree fire flags flames flowers flying fruit ftw gargoyles Geb Geisha Gemini geometric goals goddesses gods gold grapes grasses Greek grenades Haida halos hammers hawks hearts Hibiscus hoof print horses Horus howling humans infinity inlay insects islands Italian Japanese Jesus jet-packs kanji keys Khepri kings knights knotted knotwork koru lakes large lasers latin Leo lesbians LGBTQ Libra light lightning lions lips live laugh love LNCL locks love thy neighbor lunar cycle male man mango Marquesan Cross Mary masks medicine shields medium mesa Michigan Military moons mountains mushrooms music name-banner NativeAmerican nautical Navy neo-traditional newschool night notes nuclear Nut oath ocean ouroboros oval owls pandanus paw-prints pentacle Pharaohs piercing pinstripe Pisces planets Police Polynesian prayer praying hands protection pyramids Ra rainbows ravens Ray Reasoner Jr rifles rivers roller-skates Roman roses Sagittarius Saints salmon Scarab schoolgirls Science scimitars scissors Scorpio scorpions sexy shark teeth shells Sheriffs shields silhouette simple sisters skeletons skulls Slant small smiley smoke snakes soldiers souls space Spartan spears sphinx spiderwebs spiral sports spotted staff star stars stone submariners sunrise Suns sunset swallows swirls swords tablets Taoism tattoo Taurus teardrops teddy bear Templars Tern theater tiki Tipis torpedoes towels traditional Tree of Life trees triangle tribal Triple Goddess turtles umbrellas USA vampires viking vines Virgo Vshaped warriors water waves wealth weights western Wiccan wind wine wings wizards wolf woman women wooden words xl xsmall yin-yang zoomorphic
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