Sacred and Immaculate Heart Tattoo Designs.

There are two main hearts that are viewed in the Catholic faith. The "Sacred Heart" and the "Immaculate Heart". The prior represents Jesus's sacrifice while the latter represents Mary's life, hardships, and purity. 

The Sacred Heart will have a bleeding wound, a crown of thorns, fire, and the cross. It typically will also have light shining from behind it to show it's divine nature. These symbols represent the crucifixion.

The Immaculate Heart will have an older species of rose (Older than what most of us are familiar with at least.) wrapping around it, at least one dagger, and light or fire from behind it. The number of daggers is supposed to be seven to symbolize the seven dolors (pains or wounds) of Mary. They are also referred to as the "Seven Sorrows". It is not completely unheard of to see a single dagger used, especially in smaller renderings. The roses are commonly white or light pink to represent her purity.

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