Evil Tattoo Designs

The brutal, scary things in the dark. We realize that there is a specific dark-side style but we are pretty much just including anything on the darker side into this category until the site grows more.
View all 13 3d 666 altar anarchy anatomical angels Aquarius Aries asteroids astrological axes bandanna bands bar-code barbwire barns bats beetles biker bio-geometric bio-organic biomechanical bite black and grey black and red blades blood bones brains breasts brick wall bull skull butterfly buttocks Caduceus Cancer cannibals cards cartoons castles chains chaos children Christian clouds clover clubs cobras color corpse crabs crawling crossbones crosses crowns crying crystals damned darkside dead babies demons Dice doctors dragons drugs duality earrings Egyptian emt evil Eye of Horus Eye of Ra eyeballs eyes face fangs females fetus fighting fish flames forked tongue gargoyles gas-masks Gemini gems Genies gold gore-bio Green Man grim reapers hearts helmet hookahs horns horror horses hourglasses impaled inlay Irish jack-o'-lantern jesters Jesus kings knights large Leo Leprechaun Libra lightning lions lizards maggots masks math medium Medusa moons mountains mummy muscles mutants nautical night noose nude numerals nurses objects oval pathway pentagram Pharaohs piercing Pisces pitchfork pods praying praying hands pyramids rain rainbows rams Ray Reasoner Jr reflections roots sacrifice satellites scales scars Scorpio scorpions screaming scythe shields shrunken head silhouette skeletons skinned skulls Slant small smiley smoke snakes souls spades sperm spiders spiderwebs spikes spinal chords spinal columns staples stars stitches succubus suicide suits summoning sunglasses Suns swords tail tally marks tarantula tattoo Taurus teardrops technology televisions tendons tentacles thorns throne tornskin tribal tubes vampires viking Virgo warriors water waves wind wings woman women words xl zombies
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