Elemental Tattoo Designs

Throughout time the knowledge of the world around us and everything that makes it up being powerful has been wide-spread and unarguable . Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are the primary elements that have been acknowledged in this way.

Around 3700 BC Metallurgy, or the study of metals, began to form. Humans were beginning to understand the different properties of the metals that they were coming in contact with and how to blend them to make other metals. The Bronze Age had began. Sometime around 2000 BC Alchemy began. The studying of and discovery of our modern table of elements, as well as how they interact with each other, has taken thousands of years.

Alchemy's life in the early centuries AD became linked with a philosophy of self improvement. Through knowledge of the elements and the purifying of the self it was thought that someone could turn lead into gold.

Moving into more modern times Carl Jung began to associate alchemical symbols seen in dreams with different personality traits. This is somewhat of a pseudo science but there are ancient beliefs of planets and metals being tied to how a person behaves. We can find reference to such things in the Chinese Zodiac.

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