Filigree Tattoo Designs

This swirling and flowing decorative style has had many evolutions and made it's way into so many aspects of life over time. From leather, to paper, to masonry, and skin, it has made looking at so many things more enjoyable. It is very pleasing to the eye on the body if placed properly and therefore great for tattoos.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 11 13 2XL Allah Amon angels ankh apples Aquarius Arabic archangels architecture Aries arrows Asian astrological awareness ribbons baby bananas bandanna bands barbwire baroque beads beveled bikinis bio-geometric bio-organic bio-tribal biomechanical black and grey black and red black widows blood blow-dryers bow-tie brass knuckles breast cancer butterfly Cancer cancer-disease Capricorn cards Celtic chambers Chef cherry blossoms chips Christian chrome cigars cleavers clubs color combs couples cowboys cowgirls crossbones crosses crowns crying crystals cursive daisies diamonds Dice dollars dolphins dots Doug Sheffer dragonflies dragons dye eclipse Egyptian evil Eye of Horus Eye of Ra eyes feminine filigree Firefighter flames flowers fruit g vs e gargoyles Gemini gems gods gold grenades guns hats hearts Hinduism holsters Islam Jesus juicy kanji keys kings knife knights knotted knotwork koi lace lambda large lassos leaves Leo lesbians lettering LGBTQ Libra light lily lips LNCL locks lotus lqbtq Maltese Cross Mandalas martini glass masks medium Mehndi memorial microphones mother motors music mythology name-banner nautical navel neo-traditional Om oval ovaries paisley peace Persian phoenix pin-up pinstripe Pisces pistols pitbulls Plumeria pods prayer praying hands pumpkins purity pyramids rainbows Ray Reasoner Jr ribbons rivers roller-skates roots rosary roses royal flush ruby Sagittarius scales scissors Scorpio sisters skulls Slant small smoke snowflakes solar-cross spades sparrows sphinx spiderwebs spikes sports star stars stone strawberries sub-machine suits Suns sunset swallows swirls Taurus Templars Texas theater thorns tribal trust tubes USA uterus Uzi vegetables vines Virgo Vshaped water western wind wings winter woman words wrenches xl xsmall
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