Valknut Tattoo Designs

The Valknut is three interwoven triangles used in both Germanic and Northern European ancient cultures. There is also a unicursal form of this symbol as well. (It is unsure if they are indeed the same symbol or just very similar.) Though the term "valknut" is a modern one and there are arguments about it's true connotation or usage. Many call it the "knot of the fallen" since it is found in many funerary depictions and sites associated with death. Some call it "Odin's Knot", or the "Knot of Odin" because he is often present in many of the depictions of the Valknut.  Others say that it relates to the realms and is a transcendent symbol since in the separate triangle version there are nine points. What is known for fact is very simple, it is very old and is definitely from the Germanic and Northern European peoples.