Playing Cards Tattoo Designs

A game of chance, cards derived from the tarot long ago. In this scheme of thinking some of the cards, as well as the suits, have different meanings to people. The Ace of Spades, for instance, is quite commonly referred to as the "Death Card". The Queen or King of Hearts generally insinuates sexiness and luck at love. Hearts are generally associated with love, clubs with chaos and violence, diamonds signify wealth or the means to find it, and spades is life and death.

Some hands have significant meaning as well. A "Dead Man's Hand' in poker refers to the last hand that James "Wild Bill" Hickok held before being shot from the back. It's considered unlucky but some people get unlucky things to signify their lot in life or to attempt to gain power over them.

Other people just like to play games like Euchre, Spades, Hearts, or some form of Poker. Wagering on such things is quite common, so sometimes people will get betting chips or money as well.

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