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Some types of tattoos have a specific look to them that helps determine what they are in terms of artwork.

Abstract Tattoo Designs-  Art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.

Asian- This category is severely vast and covers culture, spiritual, and style among many races. It is unfortunately best known as a style due it's easily identifiable technique in design.

Bio Tattoo Designs- This category is actually pretty diverse. It is full of rules but has no rules at the same time. It is nearly limitless. It has a few main sub categories that will follow:

Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Designs

Bio-organic Tattoo Designs

Bio-Tribal Tattoo Designs

Gore Bio

Cartoon Tattoo Designs- I would say that this style could be confused with New-school by definition, however, cartoon style is typically a happier style with less sculpting.

Cute Tattoo Designs- Cute is very subjective. We are using it to describe non cartoon-like happier designs. Designs that have a lighter feel, one could say.

Evil Tattoo Designs- Also referred to as darkside, these designs have a tendency to be dark and ominous. 

Filigree- A decorative style that can be anything from fine flowing lines to bold and architectural.

Funny- Most of these designs have a dark humor about them.

Geometric Tattoo Designs- Do we really have to explain what geometry is?

Inlay- These are generally silhouettes with a picture inside of them.

Loser- Designs for the born to lose crowd.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Designs- This Illustrative style takes old tattoo ideas and modernizes them into very bold, eye-catching designs.

Newschool Tattoo Designs- Bright bold twisting of almost anything.

Pin-stripe- This is similar to filigree in many ways, but there can be different flourishes.

Silhouettes- A shape formed by the contour line of the topic.

Torn-skin Tattoo Designs- There's stuff inside your body!

Traditional Tattoo Designs- A.k.a. American Traditional, this style is born out of the works of Cap Coleman, then made famous by those tattooers like Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy.

Tribal Tattoo Designs- Some of these design styles are homages to different cultures, while others are just shape-work. We offer tribal in the following variations:









Watercolor Tattoo Designs-They look like watercolor paintings.