Weapons Tattoo Designs

Things that are made to defend, hunt, or to kill with.

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View all 13 4 Horsemen ace African Air-Force ak47 aliens All Seeing Eye anatomical ancestors anchors angels AR-15 Arabic archangels armor Army arrows Asian astrological astronauts axes ball-peen bandanna bands barbarians barbwire baton belly dancers beveled bikinis birds black and grey black and red black spot Blackbeard blood bolts bouquet bow braids brass knuckles bread breasts broken bullet butterfly buttocks camels cards castles Catholic cats Celtic Chef cherry blossoms chess chips Christian cigars cleavers clouds clubs color community compound cooperation couples cowboys cowgirls crossbones crosses crows crying cute dad daggers dancing decapitation demons devils dog tags dollars Doug Sheffer doves dragonflies dragons drugs duality dust eagles Egyptian elves English evil Eye of Horus eyes face fairy falcons fallen angel females filigree fire flags flames flintlock flowers fog food ftw funny games gangsta gangster Geisha gems Genies George girl gladius goals gods Greek grenades guns hammers handcuffs harem girls hats hearts helmet holsters hooks horses Horus Huginn Irish Japanese jet-packs Jormungandr jousting kanji kings knife knights knotted knotwork lamps large lasers lassos latin Legionary light lightning Lily of the Valley lions lizards love thy neighbor male man Marine Corps Marquesan Cross martini glass masks medium mermaids merman Military mirrors mjolnir MOLON LABE mom money moons Muninn name-banner nautical Navy neo-traditional nets newschool night ninjas oath ocean Odin oval pasta peace pentagram pin-up pirates pistols planets Police Polynesian POW-MIA praying praying hands professions puppets ravens Ray Reasoner Jr ribbons rifles RIP Roman roses royal flush runes sabre sacrifice Sagittarius Saints Samurai scales scimitars Scottish scrolls scythe Seppuku shark teeth shells shields ships shipwreck skeletons skulls Slant small smoke snakes soldiers space spades Spartan spears spiral spiritual stars straight razors strength and honor sub-machine succubus suicide suits sunrise Suns sunset switchblades swords tattoo teardrops Texas Thompson thorns throwing star tigers tomatoes Tommy gun tornskin toys traditional treasure trees tribal tridents truth turtles unicorns USA Uzi valknut valkyrie viking vines war warriors water waves wealth weapons western wildflowers wind wings woman words xl Yggdrasil zombies

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