Bornean Tattoo Designs

These designs are derived from the "Dayak" tribes' tattooing traditions. Which are actually quite amazing. The classification of "Dayak" is a generalized term that tends to include all non-Islamic tribes under one name. These drawings will be mainly from the Iban, Kayan, and the Kenyah tribes. They created one of the earliest forms of the stencil, using carved tree bark and berries to apply a pattern before it is tattooed. Many of their designs are beautifully and organically curvy yet sharp. In years past, headhunting was still a common practice in this region, but no more. The region is still in a battle between the old and the new while the forests of Borneo are corrupted and the indigenous people are pushed out. The new Indonesian capitol will currently be moved to Borneo.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.