Christian Tattoo Designs

Christianity dates back thousands of years and is said to have formed after the ascension of Jesus Christ to Heaven. It has it's roots in Judaism, since that is the religion that Jesus was raised in, but varies from it in many ways.

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View all 3 4 Horsemen 4way 7 777 air All Seeing Eye anatomical anchors angels apples archangels arrows atoms awareness ribbons bands baseball baseball bats beads beveled Bible biker black and grey black and red blood bodybuilding bow breast cancer butterfly cancer-disease cartoons Catholic Celtic chains chaos cherubim Chi Rho children Christian Christopher chrome Claddagh clouds clover coexist color columns compasses crosses crowns crucifix crying daisies demons dog tags doves dragons duality dumbbells earth elemental evil eyeballs eyes feathers females filigree fire Firefighter flags flames Fleur de Lis flowers French friendship funny garlic gears gems George God Greek halos handcuffs hands hearts Holy Spirit horses Ichthys inlay INRI instruments Irish Islam Jesus Jewish John 3:16 keys knights knotted knotwork lace large light light-bulb lightning lions live laugh love male Maltese Cross Mary mechanics medium memorial Military moons mother mountains nails name-banner NativeAmerican necklaces neo-traditional newschool nuclear blasts numbers olive branch oval peace praying praying hands racing Ray Reasoner Jr razorwire ribbons RIP rivers Roman rosary roses sacred Saints satanism scales Science scythe shield-knot shields small smiley smoke solar-cross soldiers space spark plugs Spartan spears spiritual staff stained-glass stars stone Suns swords symbols tattoo teddy bear thorns toddler tools tornskin trect trees triangle tribal trinity triquetra trumpet unicorns USA vampires verses vines Vshaped warriors water waves weights Wiccan wind wings wooden words wrath wrenches xl xsmall
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