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The shape of a tattoo can determine where it is best placed on the body. Though it is possible to make shapes work on most places it is typically much more flattering if they fit the body part nicely.

Band- Um, so it's a band, a ring around a limb be it an anklet, armband, necklace, or thighband.

V-shaped- V shaped tattoos are best for the pelvis, upper chest, upper back or lower back.

Slant- Slanted designs generally look better on a shoulder blade, ribs, a chest to shoulder transition, or a collar bone.

Oval- Elliptical tattoos are best for the bicep, inner arm, shoulders, but especially ribs and thighs.

Navel- Rounded designs with an opening in the center generally fit the navel region best.

Necklace- Deep u-shaped designs will better fit as necklaces. This category will also have some designs that incorporate necklaces into them, our apologies.

Under Breast- Simultaneously arcing and v-shaped designs fit better below the breasts.