Human Tattoo Designs

Yes, us; some of us like to get people (or creatures resembling humans) tattooed into themselves.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 666 69 7 aliens angels apples Arabic archangels armor Asian astronauts axes baby barbarians basketball basketball players bathing suit bats beach belly dancers bio-organic biomechanical black and green black and grey black and red blood blow-dryers bodybuilding bondage breasts brick wall bunny ears butterfly buttocks camels canes cartoons castles cauldrons Celtic chains chambers cheerleaders cherry blossoms cherubim Christian clitoris clouds clover clubs color combs corpse couples crawling crone crosses crowns crows crying cute cutlass dad daggers dancing deer demons devils diamonds DILLIGAF dogs dollars dragonflies dragons dresses duality dumbbells earrings earth eggs elemental elf elves evil executioner eyeballs eyes face fairy fans fantasy females feminine fetus filigree fire Firefighter flags flames flowers footprints gangster Geisha Genies Gladiolus glasses gore-bio Greek grim reapers halos harem girls hawks hearts horror horses humans ice inlay Irish jack-o'-lantern Japanese jesters jet-packs jumping knights knotted knotwork koi Lady Luck lamps large lasers laughing leaves lesbians light lightning lingerie LNCL loser maiden male Maltese Cross masks masturbation medium memorial mermaids money monsters moons mother muscles Muses mythology name-banner necklaces newschool nude oak ocean oval owls palm trees panties pentacle pentagram phoenix piercing pigtails pin-up pirates pitchfork pixie dust planets playing pods praying Princess prison punk queens rainbows Ray Reasoner Jr restraints ribbons rifles RIP roller-skates Roman saliva salmon scars schoolgirls scimitars scissors Scottish screaming scythe sex sexy shields ships silhouette skeletons skinned skulls slamdunk Slant sleeping small smoke snails snakes soldiers sorceresses space spades Spartan spears spheres spiral sports stars succubus suits summoning sunrise Suns sunset swords tattoo teardrops testicles theater thigh high boots top hat tornskin traditional treasure Tree of Life trees tribal tridents Triple Goddess triquetra trumpet tubes vaginas vampires veils vines Vshaped warriors water waves weights Wiccan wind wings wizards woman women words xl yoga zombies zoomorphic
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