Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Designs

Laugh now, cry later masks can symbolize a devil may care attitude. Do what you want and live in the moment; maybe deal with the consequences later. They can also represent the trials and tribulations of life, an ability to put the pain away and keep your best face forward.

As with all commonly urban tattoo designs they often get misinterpreted as a gang tattoo. LNCL goes beyond that into the human condition. Some people have been reversing this as being cry now laugh later, but that is not the original modern thought. For some this luxury is allowable for others there is no time to cry now; that will happen later...if it really needs to.

Laugh now cry later masks technically go back to ancient Greece and are the spirit of the theater and the emotions portrayed through the old plays. Comedy and Tragedy, the smiles and cries, also known as theater masks.

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