Haida Tattoo Designs

The Haida are a tribe from the northwestern coast of North America. There are also the Coast Salish, 'Ksan, Kwagiutl, Tlingit, and West Coast (Nootka), as well as many other tribes. These tribal cultures all share certain aspects of their artwork but not necessarily the same customs. We are simply using the term Haida because it is the most commonly recognized name and until we learn more the differentiation will be complicated. We will, however, specify where possible.

Woodworking is a huge part of the region's culture. We believe this to be an integral part of the style of the two dimensional art as well. Their bold and intricate tribal style essentially represents a two dimensional black and red (sometimes turquoise as well) interpretation of totem animals from the Haida and other totem carving cultures. Though the Coast Salish do not create totems they are still avid carvers of wood.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.