Fantasy Tattoo Designs

Fantasy is a very, very broad term. Fantasy encompasses anything fantastical, far fetched, make-believe, or a just plain flight of fancy. In this instance we are just going to stick to the ideas relating to creatures that many believe never existed. Dragons, fairies, gargoyles, etc, etc...mainly European themes.

Please view our current collection of drawings below.

View all 3rd Eye angels Aquarius archangels architecture Aries armor Asian baby bamboo bands bats bees bio-organic bio-tribal biomechanical birds black and grey blood boats breasts butterfly buttocks Cancer cancer-disease Capricorn cards cartoons castles cat tails caterpillars Catholic Celtic cherry blossoms children Chinese Christian clouds clover clubs color crescent crosses crowns crying crystal balls cursive dad daggers Dandelions demons devils diving doves dragon gate dragonflies dragons drugs duality dust eagles earth eclipse eggs elf elves English evil eyeballs eyes fairy fans fantasy females feminine fighting filigree fire fish flames flowers flutes fog footprints forest Frankenstein French frogs gargoyles gates Geisha Gemini gems George Gladiolus griffins hands hawks heads heraldry honey horses hourglasses ice incubator infinity inlay Irish jack-o'-lantern Japanese jousting jumping kanji kings knights knotted knotwork koi Korean kraken ladybugs large leaves Leo LGBTQ Libra lightning lingerie lions lizards LNCL male masks meditation medium memorial mermaids mirrors monsters moons mountains Mt Fuji mushrooms mythology name-banner necklaces nests night norwegian nude oak ocean ouroboros oval owls panthers peacocks phoenix pin-up pinstripe Pisces pitchfork pixie dust playing prayer Princess pumpkins purple queens rain rainbows Ray Reasoner Jr RIP Rising Sun roses sacrifice Sagittarius Saints Samurai Scandanavian Scorpio scrolls seashells shields ships silhouette simple skeletons skulls Slant sleeping small smoke snails snakes sorceresses souls spears spheres squid star stars stone sunrise Suns sunset swords symbols tablets tadpoles Taoism tattoo Taurus teardrops Templars thorns tigers tornskin traditional translucent treasure trees tribal tridents Triple Goddess triquetra tubes unicorns Urnes viking vines Virgo Vshaped warriors water water lillies waves Wiccan wind wings wizards wolf man woman words wounded wyrm wyverns xl xsmall yin-yang zombies zoomorphic
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