Custom Tattoo Design Service

You can always send requests for designs that you would like to see on the site for open purchase and we'll see what we can do. You just follow the same directions below and make a note in the message area saying that you are okay with it being open purchase. However, if you are wanting a design that is yours and yours alone with no chance of someone else having it we also offer custom design services. The rates are figured by the complexity of the job and the level of completion required. We have a just line drawing option as well as fully completed digital files.

How does this work?

1. Figure out what you want to get done. (All of the elements in and the style of the design that you would like to have created.)

2. Figure out where you really want to have it placed and the measurements of that area. (Is it going to be placed on your inner right forearm, outer left calf, full back, etc., etc.) Measurements should be taken at the bottom, center, and top of the region to be tattooed. If it is a wrapping design a diameter of the part should be taken as well. This aspect of the design process cannot be changed once started. Tattoos are designed to flow and fit the part or parts of the body that they are going to be place on.

3. Figure out how large or small you want it to be.

4. Decide if you need a completed design or if a line drawing will suffice.

5. Email us all of this information using the form below.

6. An artist will contact you with a quote based on the information provided. If you are satisfied with the quote you will be sent a link to place an art deposit in order for the artist to begin their work for you. This deposit is one-third of the quoted price. It is non refundable.

7. Once the deposit is left the artist will make a very rough sketch, or even multiple thumbnails of different options and email them to you.

8. This is your first chance to make adjustments to what you want and for you to communicate those wishes to the artist. This image is low resolution.

9. A more refined sketch is made from your information and the same process occurs again. This image is low resolution and half size.

10.A line drawing is then created. This is your final chance to make any changes to the layout of the design. This image is low resolution and half size.

11. If you chose the "line art only" option you are sent a link to make your final payment after that is received you will get the line drawing in 300dpi sent to you. If you chose the "fully completed design" option then shading and color options are discussed.

12. A roughing in of the color and shading is provided to ensure that you are liking the direction that it is going. This is your final chance to make any changes to the color or shading of the design. This image is low resolution and half size.

13. After the design is completed you will be sent a low resolution version of the completed design as well as a link to make final payment. This image is low resolution and half size. After we have received the final payment you will get both the 300 dpi line drawing and the finalized image sent to you.

 The artist creating the design retains all copyright to the image but you are given a license to get it tattooed. This essentially means that this is an individual tattoo design service, not a logo or artwork supply service where an image could be used by a business or in an art book. If you require that type of work it can be discussed through

Please allow at least two weeks for this entire process.

 We do not design any images that depict the violation of human rights, such as hate group or racist imagery.

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